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The solution is VITA - Vindler ITalents Academy

We find great people so that you can face the digital challenges.

02 /06


We are the perfect combination of business and IT expertise. Our main task is to help our customers to fill IT specific vacancies.

[ IT recruitment sucks! ]

We believe it should be better!

Arron "Finux" Finnon (Managing Director & CTO) knows what he is talking about. He calls himself an "ethical hacker" and has 15 years experience in the IT industry, with a focus on IT security.
Caroline Krohn (Managing Director) has been consulting companies for many years and has a large cross-industry network.
Therefore we know and understand the digital challenges you face every day. But compared to others, we don't just talk about IT, we live IT. It is the great passion that connects us. Because we are IT! This is why we founded the Vindler ITalents Academy. A network of geeks that we promote and develop. These Techies bring the right attitude and qualifications to help your business.

Our care for you will be individual and confidential. Together we will find the right solution for your problem.

03 /06


  • We know the typical problems of companies looking for IT specialists;
  • We have exactly the right people, because we train them;
  • We take care of our people even after they are hired by companies.;
  • We can foresee possible problems between the company and the IT specialist and solve them immediately;
  • We recognize IT talents because we are IT;
  • We only place our people when we are sure that they are the right person with the right expertise for you!

04 /06

Our IT talents!

Which IT specialist could help your company?

05 /06